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Late Checkout

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Building thriving NFTs, DAOs
and Tokenized Communities

A 1 week course and lifelong community for
those who want to be leaders in web3

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Nov. 15th - 21st in Discord

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Nov. 15th - 21st in Discord

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 pm ET

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NFTs <> Tokenized
Communities <> DAOs

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Deconstructing winning NFT projects

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DAOs 101

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Learn frameworks to evaluate NFT projects

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Generate foundations to evaluate, build, & implement DAOs

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Understand ways to identify unmet needs that Web3 can create 10x solutions for

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How to design successful tokenized communities

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web 3web 3

There is a tremendous opportunity to create incredible NFT, DAO & tokenized communities, but it’s difficult to understand and execute.

I created this course & community to equip the next generation of Web3 builders.


Who is this
course for?

Crypto Curious

You are a person who has newly gotten interested in cryptocurrency & wants to become proficient in NFTs, tokenized communities & DAOs.

Crypto Native

You are active in the space with domain-level skills & want to round out your knowledge by exploring emerging trends.

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About the instructor

Greg Isenberg

I build web3 communities and community-based products. I'm the Co-Founder/CEO of Late Checkout, a product studio and agency that designs, creates and acquires community-first tech businesses.

Previously, I was the Head of Product Strategy at WeWork and an Advisor at Reddit. I was the Founder/CEO of Islands, a messaging/community app that was acquired by WeWork. I was the Founder/CEO of 5by, a leading video discovery app which got acquired by StumbleUpon.

I helped build one of the internet's most popular financial education communities Wall Street Survivor (acquired). I've helped build communities and technology products for brands like Microsoft, FedEX, NASCAR, TechCrunch and Wordpress.

I've been featured on places like Vanity Fair, Forbes, Mashable, Fortune Magazine, L.A Times and have won Webby Awards.

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  • I work full-time. Do I have time to take this course?

    Absolutely. This course was designed for busy professionals. Greg will lead three 90 minute sessions live over the course of the week. You should expect to commit 5- 7 hours for a week to the course.
  • Are there recorded sessions?

    All sessions will be recorded to accommodate our students who are not on EST timezone. However, the way to get the absolute most out of the course would be to attend live sessions.
  • Why you should join?

    It's almost irresponsible to ignore web3, DAOs, NFTs and the power of community at this point.
  • How much access to Greg do I get?

    In addition to lectures, I will be hosting office hours and active in our cohort's discord channel to participate in discussions, answer questions, and give feedback. I want to learn from all of you!
  • What output/deliverables will I walk away with?

    You will walk away with overall expertise in crypto. In particular, a strong understanding of identifying a viable crypto project, where to invest your money, and how to launch your own NFT, tokenized community, or DAO
  • How does community play a role?

    Community is the pulse of WEB3. You can’t fully understand NFT’s, tokenized communities, and DAO’s without understanding the communities that build them.
  • I’m already subscribed to Greg’s newsletter, how is this any different?

    Although reading my newsletter is a great place to start, this course will leave you ready to evaluate and design superb crypto projects. The material will go much more in-depth on Web3, growing community, and building NFT initiatives with concrete examples, group work, hands-on projects, and thoughtful guest speakers.
  • What is a crypto wallet and how do I create it?

    A crypto wallet is a place where you can securely keep your crypto. There are many different types of crypto wallets, but we recommend metamask or wallet connect. To learn how to set your wallet up, please refer to the resources below:
  • How do I mint my NFT?

    To mint an NFT, you must follow the steps below:
    1. 1. Set up an account on Coinbase or other exchange of your choice.
    2. 2. Use it to buy ETH.
    3. 3. Set up a crypto wallet in your browser or mobile phone.
    4. 4. Transfer the ETH from Coinbase to your wallet.
    5. 5. Go back to our website and click “mint my NFT”.

    For additional information, please refer to the resources below:
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Late Checkout LLC/Greg Isenberg are not registered investor advisors. All opinions are his own. Nothing should be relied for investment decisions nor investment advice. Please work directly with an investment professional.